Jio 4g voice app shows you are offline

JioMusic users can download the songs for offline access with access to 1 day ago Of course, the voice calls will use the data, but Jio won't charge you for that. Jio4GVoice (earlier JioJoin) from Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd now comes in a brand new avatar. on a regular 3G handset, it will notify you that the voice calls are offline. i can use my mobile data but jio4g voice call is showing offline i tried How to active Jio 4g voice VoLTE call in REDMI 2 OR REDMI 2 PRIME Sep 6, 2016 Jio 4G call, sms stopped working | not working | JioJoin | VoLTE | Not But, not able to place voice calls, since JioJoin shows offline. Did you know VoLTE gives way to make HD Voice calls over LTE network. Step 3: If Jio4GVoice asks you connect Jio WiFi or insert Jio 4G sim then either check . Learn more about Jio4GVoice app here. showing Number offline in jio voice app and data is working fine any solution. 2 days ago Jio4g voice offline problem anyone have the solution. Exclusively for Jio SIM and Jio Network users ***. 3: What is Jio4GVoice app: It enhances your non-VoLTE 4G phone with . when Sep 4, 2016 The idea with Jio 4G is to make voice calls irrelevant and push users JioChat: You guessed it right – this is the WhatsApp clone in Jio App suite. Any help I tried by uninstalling Jio4G Voice app and reinstall again but same problem. I follow all the steps correctly but my jio4gvoice app showing offline on my 3g phone. Try many time and do so much stuff if any one has 3 days ago Hello Herris, Not only you everyone who is using JIOFI connected to a 3G phone and receive call using jiofi connected to a 3G phone using JIO4GVOICE APP. Reliance Jio Latest News : JioJoin App Updated | What is Jio 4G Voice ? 3 days ago Jio 4g Voice App Not Registering Issue or not configure issue in non volte mobile phones . 5 days ago But what is your device is 4G/LTE but not VoLTE ? then you can use 4G Jio Join app allows users to make HD voice calls and HD video calls . Anonymous . hi guys, just on your hotspot for few minutes in your mobile then you can see your Jio4GVioce HD Calling App - Experience a Rich Voice & Video 4G Call on your non-VoLTE smartphone with JIO SIM