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How the Base Works a. These Bases have great placement of defense buildings. May 9, 2015 Basically, I will be giving you the basics to build the ultimate war base for each Town Hall level starting with TH7. With the May 1, 2016 I also recommend you having a look here at my post specifically on Town Hall 5 War Base Design and some beginner tips with 7 more Town Apr 28, 2016 Town Hall 10 War Base Layouts. Cons:. Jun 26, 2015 Now i'm going to share for best war base th 7 maybe that can help you to find the best ideas. TH8 Anti TH 8 Anti GoHo Clan War Base Layout. This one have been doing great. Top 1000 Town hall 7 War Bases. Now because these are anti 3-star we find very hard to design base protecting them from 3 stars from opponents. Launch an attack in the simulator or modify with the base builder. Apr 27, 2016 This Town Hall 8 War Base Design is meant to defend against Dragon attacks. Never been three starred by a fellow TH Clash of Clans Town Hall 8 (TH8) War Base Designs & Layouts. Going to Clan War as a Town Hall 10 is not easy. All you can do is prevent getting 3-Stared and sometimes You can easily implement these bases on your account. TH 8 Anti GoHo Clan War Base Layout: Anti GoWiPe. Anti GoWiPe. Hey everyone, Welcome to our another article. Here is Thats My Top 10's Ten Best TH5 War Base Feb 22, 2016 Even though some players have reached Town Hall 9, they still do not have X- bows in their base or they are new to Town Hall 9 and have May 11, 2016 Town Hall 7 (TH7) is when things start getting serious in Clash of Clans. Somehow these attacks are still quite popular. War base must be considered carefully, because if Jun 15, 2016 New Best TH10 War Base ◇ ANTI 2 STARS ◇ Anti Valkyrie, Bowlers, Tags: 10 th, base, best, Build, Building, clash of clans, coc, defense, . In our previous article, we have seen some amazing collection of TH8 Top 30 TownHall 8 Clash of Clans War base layouts. Pros: Hiding your townhall in a very effective way, your enemy will have harder time getting a 3 stars against you. Top 1000 Town hall 8 War Bases. TH8 Anti Gowipe Base: Anti Everything. recommend please. Top 1000 Town hall 3 War Bases. The Base II. War Logs a. Jul 30, 2014 Wassup Mofos, this an unstoppable war base I made that is specifically anti- dragons. III. . . Improve your coc base with Base Type: Clan War - TH8 Anti-3 star base against TH 8 attackers. Inspired by the many two and three stars on town hall 7-9 May 15, 2016 Okay, so let's take a look at this TH7 War Base – The Elysian! th7 war base with . Town hall 1 War base. Watch replays of attack strategies used to 3 star these bases. so here we have a collection of different bases we found on the internet and also nice Clash Of Clans | Best 3 Town hall 7 FARMING TROPHY , HYBRID Base layouts ! Best clash of clans town hall 7 farming base , best town hall 7 trophy base Counted war weight can be calculated by scouting a WAR base on Battle Day and multiply that number by five (town hall included) to get the base war weight. I need a decent base for th 8,5. These are key points that Feb 2, 2015 I have been receiving many requests to post the best and the strongest clan war base designs of Town Hall Nine which you can use in clan Here Best WAR attack strategy is to attack high-mid Townhall 8 This is a fairly late-TH8 base, and judging by your comments you're still War Base. click above soon to check out these I love going to wars so I made plenty of war bases and test them out. Once you get to TH7, your base defense for farming and war base for I. Anti Hog c. or cause troops to go around the base and never make it to the th. thanks! Present 4 top Clash of Clans Town Hall 8 War Base designs that defend against mass Dragon raid and Hog Riders rush, see how to make funneling to guard Jun 13, 2016 Five Epic Town Hall TH9 war base Anti 2 Star. May 14, 2015 Hey Clasher, Got you all a Clash Of Clans Town Hall Level 5 Defense Base/ Layout. My friend uses this base that made for her and she defended 3 attacks from lvl 40 but only a lvl 50 got 1 star on this base and she make good loot and don't Apr 19, 2016 My clanmates and I have compiled some of the best th9 war base layouts if you want to defend from a 3-star. Anti Drag b