Does nursing pay better than other healthcare jobs?

CNA ClassesNursing and healthcare jobs are wide and varied.

 Some allied health jobs, like nursing assistants, get paid only $15,000 to $30,000 per year.  But doctors can be paid hundreds of thousands!

When you are talking about salary, each healthcare job is different.  In fact, each nursing job is different. A CNA will usually make under $30,000 per year.  But a Registered Nurse?  They can make well over $70,000 per year!

When picking a nursing job, you need to keep in mind your goals as a person.  You need to have professional goals.  You should Google for the salaries of the position you are looking at.

For example, if you want to be an RN, look up what they make!  If you want to be a certified nursing assistant, look up their salary! It’s not too hard to find.  In fact, most of this information is available for free. One thing to note, though, is that salary depends on location.

Big cities like Chicago, IL or New York City typically have higher pay.  Small towns in states like Minnesota or Connecticut will usually pay less.  That’s ok, though, because the cost of living is lower in these places. In general, nursing jobs pay very well.

They also have many other benefits.  For example, you get to help people.  Every day you get to improve another person’s life!  As a nurse, the “pay” is definitely worth more than your salary! One thing that is overlooked is the cost of training.  Many people ignore the fact that becoming a nurse costs money.

You need to pay for books.  There are classes that need to be taken.  There are clinical hours you need to put in. The process takes time and money.  If you don’t know how much your nursing and CNA classes will cost, you should check out this site on free classes. If you look at it that way, you will see that you make more money in your second year.

The first one will be consumed with fees! So take it from me: being a nurse is rewarding, and the pay is pretty good.  It’s not as good as a doctor, but you can make a nice living.  Even if you are a single mother, a nursing salary is enough to provide for your children.  The hours are long, but the pay is great!

Lightning Fast CNA Training: Become a Nurse NOW

CNA ClassesBecoming a certified nursing assistant can be very rewarding.  But the process can take some time.  If you want to start earning money quickly, you need to move fast!

So if the goal is to become a CNA, how do you do it quickly?

FAST Nursing Education

First thing’s first.  Free classes won’t help you.  You need to be ready to invest in CNA classes online if you plan on finishing quickly.

Once you understand that, the process becomes very easy.

Just enroll in your courses!  Then you complete the training program, and take a test.  Once you pass, you are a CNA and can start working.

Your training program will take a few weeks or months.  The duration of your CNA classes depends on your location…

In most cases, the whole education process will take about 4 weeks.  In some places, like Detroit, Michigan, and Minnesota, it can take up to 6 months.  But in other places, like Phoenix, Arizona, you can start within weeks.

But either way, at the end of your program you are ready for a healthcare job.  You just need to prove it!

Prove Your CNA Ability

Take the test and pass with flying colors and you will prove that you can be a CNA.  That is the only way you can prove you are worthy to be a nurse.  And that is the only way anyone will employ you!

The nurse aid training builds the ability.  The test proves it.

Your Nurse Aid Training Speed

You will need to complete the required training, but there are some tips that speed up the process. For example, you can make sure you are ready for the test the FIRST time.

So many people go into their test without preparing!  This is a mistake.  You need to study your nursing theory, and make sure you understand everything “by-the-book”.  If you do, then you will pass the first time, and won’t need to waste time with a retest.

Another tip to keep in mind is that you can register for the test while in training.  There is no need to wait until your classes are completed!  You can actually register sooner.  Since there is normally a wait time before you take your test, this can drastically speed things up!


Does your education suffer if you take online CNA training?

Online CNA TrainingWith online classes these days, there’s a new cause for concern.  Particularly, we ask ourselves, “Is this the right move?”

The truth is that online classes and online training are acceptable.  They are a common way to get educated.  They work, and your education does not suffer.  That’s why sites like US CNA Classes Online have come into existence.  They help us find the best online education programs for nurses!

In fact, most CNAs and Medical Assistants take their classes online.  It’s actually the new way that most people do things.

It’s all online?

Now, not everything can be taken online.  You will need to do some clinical hours, and hands-on training.  This just cannot be done on a computer.

But for everything else, like theory and coursework, online classes are popular.  They let you take your classes on your own schedule. You can take the tests at your leisure.  You can even have office hours with your professors.

Are online classes for me?

Online classes may be for you if you are a busy person without much time.  You can study when you get a free minute.  This is much more flexible than trying to fit a 2 hour classroom session into your day.

Online classes are not for everyone though.  In fact, they may not be for you if you find that you NEED the classroom experience.  Some people need that structure.  They need discipline.  Not everyone can take classes on their own schedule.

Also, you should keep in mind that every CNA education program will require a lot of time with patients.  If you are not a “people person” you may want to reconsider being a nursing assistant all together.  If you look at online classes as a way of avoiding being with people, then this job might not be for you.

It is very important to remember that a nurse has a very direct impact on people’s lives.  People will depend on you.  If they grow to love you, you can help them greatly.  If they dislike you, because you really don’t want to be a nurse, then you will have a bad effect on their life.  And no sick person deserves that!